1. 6000 lb axle with spring suspension

  2. EZ lube hubs

  3. New 16” tires

  4. Safe and easy cranking system

  5. Easy to pull going down the highway or up & over the roughest terrain

  6. Catwalk on the driver’s side

  7. Hauls up to 38 Cimarron panels

Load Chutes

  1. Portable    • Permanent        • Folding Floor        • Side by Side  

12’ 2 Position Load Chute

CIMARRON Portable Load Chute

 Solid sheet metal sides
HD Construction
Rumber floor - better traction, quieter & softer
Large pivot for uneven trailer alignment
Man gate at the top of the chute
Driver’s side gate will block off cattle flow
Expanded metal catwalk
32” inside width
14’ L x 66” W x 10’6” T

PERMANENT Loading Chute

~ Semi or ground load height

~ HD Channel iron floor

~ Expanded metal catwalk

Solid sheet metal sides

Pivot plate for uneven trailer contact

The tongue swings out of the way to either side or in the middle to accommodate a left, right, or center load trailer.

Features a pivot plate for uneven trailer contact