All Around Squeeze Chute

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Dimensions: 112”L x 52”W x 103”T

Weight: 2225#


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


• Double Sided Squeeze
• Double Side Exit
• Overhead Linkage
• Partially Sheeted access gates
• Access gates are removable
• Double locking vertical tailgate or bi-fold tailgate
• Self catch head gate that can be operated manually &
has 180 degree sweep
• Neck access without having to open a gate
• Rubber flooring

• Sternum Bar
• Portable Wheel Kit
• Custom Scales
• Palpation Cage

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All Around Squeeze Chute w/ Bi-fold Tailgate, All Around Squeeze Chute w/ Bi-fold Tailgate w/ Ratchet Bar


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