Animat: Chute Mat

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Designed for Working Facilities & Load Out Areas

1-1/4″ Thick

Multi-Level Traction Pegs

100% Recycled Rubber

Pebble Bottom

Heavy Duty


4′ x 6′

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The chute mat is a superior answer to the issue of injuries due to falls to cattle around cattle working areas. The chute mat is a 4’x 6’ rubber mat with the surface covered with round studs of alternating heights. This surface instantly grips the hoof resulting in extreme traction even after many cattle have passed over the mat. The rubber studs will not injure the hoof as concrete and steel can. Most find that the mats do move very much, but fasteners can but used if needed. Chute mats are excellent in front of the chute; however, they can be placed in other areas of concern to reduce or eliminate injuries due to falls.

Additional information

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 72 in


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