Maverick Rodeo Panels & Gates

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Maverick panels and gates are 6 rails, mount 68” tall on
2-3/8” x 68″ tall connector post.
• The posts are capped on the top and are available in 2, 3,
& 4 way pins set ups.
• A T-post can then be driven and the connector post put
over top of it. This allows for easy set up and tear down
for changing layouts or for pen cleaning.
• The panels have mitered corners and all interior fits are

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• The panels and gates are 6” less (10’ panel measures 9’
6”) so that systems lay out on center to center of the post.
Allowing gates to be reversed easily making systems
much easier to lay out and design.
• There are two 8-1/8” spaces at the bottom and three
9-5/8” spaces at the top.
• They are built out of 1.9” OD high tensile 14 Ga. tubing.
• All Maverick products will hook up to Cimarron products.

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