REDBRAND Barbed Wire

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Red Brand Barbed Wire is expertly made using the best steel available for consistency and performance. The barbs remain strong and sharp. The double wire-reverse twist cable design creates a strong, dependable wire that won’t sag and keeps barbs in place.

Spacing Options: 

Red Brand makes two styles of barbs – Defender 2-point and Ruthless 4-point.
The spacing between barbs on our Defender is 4″ and Ruthless features 5″ spacing. To safely contain most herds, we generally recommend 4 to 5 lines of barbed wire, spaced about 10″ apart.


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2pt and 4pt Available

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4 Point REDBRAND Wire 12-1/2" GA, 2 Point REDBRAND Wire 12-1/2" GA – 78# EA (Single), 2 Point REDBRAND Wire 12-1/2" GA (Pallet)


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