VP2 Valve (Pride of the Farm)



The VP2 is our next generation valve which replaces our VP1 valve series. VP2, from our program of continuous improvement, is designed to accomplish several things. 1. Simplicity — few parts; 2. A greater flow rate because the plunger travels a longer distance; 3. Greater tolerance to operation in dirty conditions; 4. No diaphragm, cam link and power link which are three fewer maintenance items. Another plus is the VP2 is more compact than VP1 so it works very well in most of our waterer models – MH, MJ, MK, MC, WPO12, WPO17 as well as other energy-free drinkers.
The VP2 uses the same Base, Assembly Nut and O-Ring of the old VP1 making conversion easy. The last number on the VP2 matches up with the VP1 valve. If your drinker originally took a VP124, order a VP224, etc.

1/4″ Orifice


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